Julia Barminova

watercolor artist

Julia Barminova — watercolor artist from Russia, Moscow

Impressions, inspiration, aquarelle


Julia Barminova

Julia is an artist working in a variety of techniques using different media. Her work today is atmospheric watercolors and graphic 3D illusions.

Her most well-known series of paintings are "Islands in the Ocean", "Mosaicwatercolor", "Non-flying Weather", and "Feelthesea"

Copyright Projects

Urban Sketching: architecture, watercolor, perspective - street sketches from cafe windows

On-line training system "Watercolor Technique";

@watercolor_art in Instagram - up-to-date information about exhibitions, master classes, watercolor artists in Russia and all over the world

Since 2009, Julia conducts group courses and master classes in watercolor painting.

Interviews & Articles

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